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Download, it's Free!
No registration required. Just upload files to your server, automated installation script will do you job.
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Download Free BillingReptile!
(instant download)

How to start with free version? Requirements.
Download it, unzip. Then, use your favorite FTP client to upload files to your server - you can create /billing folder, and upload files there. Important - upload in BINARY mode. Some FTP clients set mode automatically - set it to binary befire you start uploading.

As soon as it's uploaded, just go there in your browser, example: www.youdomain.com/billing, installation will start - it's automated. When it's completed - you'll be logged (username: admin, password: pass - change it when you're in), so you can config your copy - with your company name, package prices, etc.
Please be sure, your server met our requirements. You'll need to have at least Reseller Account - with access to WHM in cPanel. You'll also need a reseller account at ENOM so you can register domains.

By default, BillingReptile works on SQLite database, which comes by default with PHP5. If you have PHP4 on your server, be sure SQLite is installed there. Be sure Zend Optimizer is installed on your server too, or you have ability to install it.

If you have any questions or comments, just contact us. If your server doesn't met our requirements, please contact us - we can help.

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What's there? No footers in emails added, copyright removal, installation services and more!

Easy Registration Process. Compatible with SiteReptile
No more users leaving your order form, there is no reason to leave - it just never was so easy to get a webhosting account & domain. Dynamic, nice looking order form, quick payment and your new customer is here!

Notification emails will remind him about you, he'll get it after order (to assure him, all is fine), and when order is processed (to let him know all important details)

When user's account is about to expire, he'll get several notification emails before. To renew account, he'll just click the link in email - and be redirected to quick payment page. He'll stay with you!
Add SiteReptile to your offer to attract more customers - it's probably the easiest, 3-steps website builder for webhosts with future - each website can be upgradd to it's PRO version (with more features like Shopping Cart, Form Builder), it's also compatible with all templates from Templateo.com
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